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Of pink curls and fluffy poodles

ot6; ChunJoe if you squint; g; crack


Byunghun sighs sharply and turns another page of his book as he sits firmly in his seat, letting the coordi-noona work on his supposed comeback hairstyle. It had already been re-dyed pink, due to popular demand, and Byunghun wiggles a bit to get more comfortable.

"Oh Byunghun-ssi, sit still." 

"But noonaa. How much longer is this going to take?" Byunghun asks, not once peeling his attention from his book. The coordi-noona told him not to. 

"Just a but more. Be patient~" She giggles, and another sigh escapes through Byunghun's lips.

"Okay, now you can look~ Soo, how do you like it?" The noona grins, watching Byunghun's expression carefully.

Byunghun glances up from his book and into the mirror. Cue the duck pout


Byunghun keeps that ridiculous duck pout on his face. "Noona, it's--"

"Pfft, ridiculous!" Niel bursts out laughing, pointing at Byunghun's hair in the mirror from behind. Byunghun sends him a piercing glare before chucking the book his direction, which earns him a light slap on the arm from the coordi-noona.

"Byunghun! I worked hard on this!" The coordinator noona's lip starts to tremble, and Byunghun sighs. He wouldn't want any unnecessary drama.

Cue the chicky's acting skills

"Noona~" he flashes her a smile, but not just a smile, it's the smile. The one that gets the fangirls swooning, the one he's practiced about a million times to himself in the mirror. And maybe to the rest of the members, just to get whatever he wants. The coordi-noona looks at him expectantly, and Byunghun keeps his poise. "I love it~" He tries hard not to choke on his words and successfully fools the coordi-noona. But as soon as she turns her back, that scowl is back on his face again as he toys with the pink curls that rest on his head. He looked like--

"You look like a poodle. A pink poodle" Minsoo says nonchalantly as he passes by behind the younger boy with a teasing smile.

Byunghun swivels around his chair and glares up at the leader. "Shut up."

"I have to tell the others." Minsoo chuckles and walks away hurriedly as Byunghun throws whatever hair products he could find on the table.


The members form a semi circle around Byunghun, who's now sitting and scowling in his chair. Minsoo's smirking and taking pictures with his cell phone.

"Hey Byunghun, let's take a selca together~ it'll go great on twitter!" he teased, and Byunghun kicks him in the shin. The leader yells out in pain and grumbles a chain of profanities under his breath. Niel and Ricky are literally on the floor laughing ("hyung's a poodle! A poodle!" they screech breathlessly), while Changjo bites his lip and turns away from the sight; he's smart enough not to say anything, and he felt like it was the most appropriate thing to do at the moment. Chanhee re-enters the room with a bottle of water and finds the group gathered around the scowling Byunghun. He bites his tongue and walks towards them calmly.

"Well, I think it looks...cute, Byeongari." Chanhee sits down the chair's arm, and Byunghun looks up at him questioningly.

"You really think so?"

"Yeah, you look like...a poodle." Chanhee grins, twirling his fingers through the pink curls. Byunghun's face turns back into a scowl, and he growls, low enough so only Chanhee can hear, and damn, did it turn him on, before standing up. "What? Poodles are cute."

"Okay, fine. You guys can go ahead and laugh at me now. I'm going to get that Teen Top swipe role** at the end of the teaser to myself." 

"But that's supposed to be for all of us." Chanhee frowns, but Byunghun only shrugs.

"How do you even plan on changing the director's mind on that? You can't." It's now Minsoo's turn to scowl at Byunghun as he tells Niel and Ricky to tone down their laughing. 

Cue the duck pout again.


Byunghun stomps away, and soon enough, he returns with a satisfied smile on his face. "Guess who just got the part he wanted~"

And of course, he gets his hair straightened again in time for their Singapore performance (no way in hell was he going to show himself around YG people with that stupid perm.)

And just to get back, he somehow manages to make the coordi-noona give Niel a perm instead.

Victory tastes so sweet, Byunghun thinks with a victorious smile on his face, sneering at the scowling Niel. 

Damn that adorably stupid pout, Byunghun. Damn it.


**Oh right. I meant this by the teen top logo swipe thingy L O L. gif doesn't belong to me sob




Tags: fandom: teen top, genre: crack, oneshots, ot6, pairing: chunjoe, rating: g
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