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one, two, three;

ChunJoe ; PG


Give me more lovin then I’ve ever had.
Make it all better when I’m feelin sad.
Tell me that I’m special even when i know I’m not.

“Oh come on Channie, isn’t this nice?”

“What’s so nice about it?” Chanhee pouts, trudging behind Byunghun as the blonde one runs around excitedly. Somehow, they’d ended up on some beach by themselves. Chanhee dislikes the sun and the dingy beach house that’s covered in fading blue paint and seaweed. He wishes he were back in the city, so he could sulk around everyone else and not just Byunghun that he’s stuck with.

“You’re such a kill joy.” Byunghun grins, pouring sand down Chanhee’s back, before he runs off. But no amount of running would be able to save him from the wrath of Chanhee's revenge. Chanhee jumps on his back, and he momentarily forgets about his problems as he wraps his legs around Byunghun's torso, arms around his neck. Byunghun makes whooshing noises and he carries Chanhee on his back and runs towards the water. Chanhee gets off, and Byunghun sheds his black wife beater. Chanhee thinks seeing Byunghun like that is more blinding than staring at the sun directly, but he would never admit it. The blonde one grins and pulls Chanhee into the water with him, but Chanhee stops when the water gets up to his waist. Byunghun dives in, and Chanhee looks around frantically when the boy doesn’t resurface after a minute.

“B-Byung-ah? Byung-ah, are you ok—” and a shriek escapes his mouth when he feels something pull his leg from underneath. The next thing he knows, he’s dripping wet and laughing in Byunghun’s arms. Maybe this isn’t so bad after all, he thinks. He tastes something salty when Byunghun’s lips are pressed lightly against his, and Chanhee lets his eyelids flutter close. He balls his fists closed on top of Byunghun’s shoulders and shudders when he feels Byunghun’s arms around his waist. When they finally pull away, Chanhee’s head is still spinning slightly, and all he sees is Byunghun, and the sunset in the background, and oh, there goes the butterflies? He rests his forehead against Byunghun's, and god forbid, if the blonde one wasn’t holding him like that, he swears he would have melted in with the salt water.

You make it easy,
as easy as 1 2,(1 2 3 4.)


Make me feel good when i hurt so bad.
Barely gettin mad,
I’m so glad i found you.
I love bein around you.

Chanhee trembles under Byunghun’s hold, but the blonde holds onto him tightly. He hums slightly, voice muffled through Chanhee’s hair, it smells nice, he thinks, and he keeps that way even through Chanhee’s constant squirming and bickering. The cold night breeze blows in through some cracks in the wall, and Chanhee shudders from the cold. Byunghun places him gently down on the old chair by the window, and he swears that the moonlight that shines on Chanhee’s face and traces his features makes the boy about ten times more beautiful, and he didn’t even think that was possible. He wipes away the tears that stream down Chanhee’s face with his thumbs, brushing them gently against those cheekbones and Chanhee closes his eyes.

“I hate you! W-We can’t do this, Byunghun. It isn’t just about us, it’s about all of us. We can’t ruin that” He says weakly, but Byunghun knows that the words are half meant. Chanhee wants this, he needs this just as much as he does.

“But we are. We’re doing this, and we’re making it work.” Byunghun plants a soft kiss on the boy’s forehead, and Chanhee holds onto his arms. Byunghun pulls him into his chest, and they melt together into one. Chanhee sobs even more, and Byunghun has to anchor all his strength within him to try and hold back his own tears. “You make me happy.” Byunghun says, voice cracking and all that, as he rests his head on top of Chanhee’s.

“I know.”

There’s only one thing, two do, three words, four you.
I love you.


Give me more lovin from the very start.
Piece me back together when i fall apart.
Tell me things you never even tell your closest friends.

The grass sways in the wind, tickling his face, but Chanhee doesn’t care. The sun is beating down on them, just a bit too strongly, but he doesn’t mind. He feels those fingers that fit oh so perfectly in between his, and he’s more than content about everything. Byunghun squeezes Chanhee’s hand in his and smiles at that beautiful boy lying down on the grass beside him. Nothing can be more perfect than this, he thinks.

Byunghun reaches over to grab that old guitar beside him, the one they found inside the old beach house, amongst all the old furniture. It’s got some holes, the strings have rusted with age, and the varnish has already faded off, but with the proper tuning, he manages to make it work. He does, and as he’s strumming randomly, sitting in the middle of nowhere beside Chanhee.

In a way, he hates this, hates it because there’s no one else for him to show off just how much he loves Chanhee, and in a way he loves it. He loves being alone with Chanhee like that, and he pushes back the fact that they’re supposed to go back to their old hectic life soon. What matters is the present, and that’s what he focuses on. He focuses on Chanhee’s breath tickling the shell of his ear, the sound of the waves crashing against the shore, and the sound of his erratic heartbeats that’s ringing in his ears.

“Play me a song,” Chanhee whispers, and the guitar throws a sour note at the beginning, but Byunghun manages to fix it and begins strumming a song that feels so familiar against his calloused fingers.

There’s only one way, two say, those three words
and that's what I’ll do.

“I love you.”


The guitar hangs from a rusty nail on the wall, adorned with some writing here, a bunch of intricate designs there. It’s perfectly intact, equipped with new strings and fully varnished. It’s also the only thing that watches as the two lovers sit upon the porch of their beach house, watches as their love grows, and watches as they both grow old and grey haired together. After all these years, Byunghun still plays that song, plucking the strings against his old, worn out fingers. Every time he does, he remembers that time, around sixty years ago, back when they were in the light of stardom. Back when they were just starting out, back when the beauty of their youth was still there. Chanhee closes his eyes and leans against Byunghun, and as he plants a kiss upon his forehead, Byunghun thinks that Chanhee is still as beautiful as he was, sixty years ago.

make me feel good when i hurt so bad.
best that i've had.
im so glad that i found you.
i love bein around you.

Loving Chanhee is just as easy and just as much of a necessity as breathing air; it was simple as one two three. Forever, Byunghun smiles, as he runs his fingers along the back of the guitar where their names are etched upon. Forever and always.

You make it easy as easy as 1 2, (1 2 3 4.)
There’s only one thing, two do, three words, four you.
I love you.

Tags: fandom: teen top, pairing: chunjoe, rating: pg
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