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Bathroom business

BaekYeol ; NC-17, I guess.


It all starts this one night when Baekhyun has a bit too much to drink (in the non alcoholic sense, mind you.) before going to sleep. He finds himself awake at 3 am, stumbling to find his way to the bathroom only to find it occupied. He runs up to the door, but just as he was about to knock obnoxiously, he finds it slightly open. Under normal circumstances, he would have just barged in there and peed in the shower or something, but he hears a moan

Well it's not like it was the first time Baekhyun's ever...heard...Chanyeol masturbating before. They've known each other forever, slept over at each other's house a million times, and one of the few things Baekhyun's learned over the span of their friendship is that Chanyeol tends to get a bit...loudOf course he's not one to bring a subject like that up, because how awkward would that be? It's just masturbating, right? They're guys, it's normal. So he lets it slip by without even a hint of knowledge about his friend's tendency to get a little..vocal.

Baekhyun's mind is practically yelling at him to walk away before Chanyeol finds him there, but he finds his feet glued to the floor as he strains his ears to listen, his eardrums more sensitive to every little sound than they ever have been. He eyes the bit of Chanyeol's silhouette under the warm glow of the bathroom lights. Slowly, he slips his hands inside his sweatpants, letting his fingers linger just a little bit underneath the waistband of his boxers. He doesn't really know what he's doing; all he knows is that he wants to touch himself. Badly. Chanyeol's moans grow louder, become more ecstatic, and Baekhyun finds himself growing more and more excited even though he hasn't even touched himself yet.

There's just something so sultry about the younger one's voice that's seemingly driving him crazy. Baekhyun can only imagine how Chanyeol's face is contorted in pleasure right now: eyes closed tight, head thrown back a little, and Baekhyun can almost see the sweat that's beading by his forehead. There goes another moan, and he almost feels the heat that's coursing through Chanyeol's veins, staining his cheeks a slight red. He feels bad, oh so bad for thinking things like that, but his earlier need to empty his bladder is replaced by the overwhelming want to touch himself to Chanyeol's moans. Chanyeol's fucking moans.

After ridding himself of his sweats, he wraps his fingers around his member and starts stroking himself slowly at first. The back of his free hand flies to his mouth, muffling out the soft whimpers coming from his lips. He picks up the pace when Chanyeol moans out his name, or at least Baekhyun thinks it was his name, and he presses himself up against the wall, legs quivering and threatening to give up underneath him.

He pants softly, feeling lust cloud his vision, his mind; he pretends that it's Chanyeol's fingers around his hardened cock, those long, slender fingers working their fucking magic as they're wrapped around his member and stroking him, and--oh god, he bites down on the back of his hand harder as he strokes himself faster. He chokes back a loud moan and feels himself getting close, so close, and he lets his thumb graze over the tip. With a small flick of the wrist, a jerk of his hips and another loud moan from Chanyeol--this time he's certain he hears his name, he bites hard enough on his lip to draw blood as he climaxes all over his hand.

His own legs betray him as they give out from underneath him and he collapses on the floor with his back against the wall in a hot, sweaty, dirty mess. He's panting to catch his breath and calm his heartbeat when he hears a flush, and before he can even do anything, the bathroom door flies open and Chanyeol is looking at him with that shit eating grin on his face--he knows, and Baekhyun gets the feeling that he'd put on a show just for him tonight. (or was it morning? Does it matter?)

Told myself I'd fix my sleeping schedule. But it's 3 am and I'm up writing this. Fml.

Tags: fandom: exo, pairing: baekhyun/chanyeol, rating: nc-17
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