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do re mi fa so-- a needle pulling thread

ChunJoe ; PG-13



Byunghun runs in with what looks like a brown teddy bear in his hand— Chanhee swears he’s seen it before but the younger male has always denied its existence. At least now he knows he isn’t crazy, and he’s just about to rub it in the younger male’s face because ‘hah, I fucking knew it’, but there is something about the way his best friend looks and the tone of his voice, and he didn’t like it one bit. He doesn’t answer though, doesn’t move from his spot on the bed either because he’s sure his best friend will only bother him more.

"Channie look! …Look!" Byunghun shoves the bear in his face, too close for his liking, and he’s not even sure what he’s supposed to be looking at, but he’s sure he’ll get his answer soon enough. "His…his eye fell off! You gotta help me fix it!"

"No."  he replies without a second thought.

(Chanhee’s a great best friend.)

"Have you even done this before?"


"Um, no."

"…so you can’t sew?"

Byunghun shoves a pair of scissors and latex gloves at Chanhee, and wait, wait, when did he even agree to help? Chanhee forgets anything past Byunghun’s pout and his puppy dog eyes and the ‘but you’re my best friend, you should help me!' card being thrown at him, and damn it, god damn it Byunghun, is the only thing he can think because how was he supposed to turn that down?

"Not fabric and stuff, but I can stitch up wounds… that’s close enough, right?"

"Sure," but he isn’t actually sure, he just wants to get this over with as soon as possible so he can go back to reading comics or doing more totally productive things (like lying around doing nothing) "Do I cut him up now or what?"

(And being Byunghun’s best friend is exhausting, he thinks)

"Hand me the scissors please."

"Are you sure these gloves are necessary? I mean—"


"Okay, okay, geez" he hands the scissors over and wonders when he can take off the gloves because they’re completely, totally unnecessary but Byunghun doesn’t listen so he has to bear with the uncomfortable feeling of his hands being choked off air and he can feel the latex sticking to his palms with sweat and it’s gross and—

"Channie, Channie, what do you think? Is the eye too low or—"

"It’s too high." Byunghun lowers it, tilts his head to the side and shrugs before inserting needle and thread through fabric. Chanhee isn’t even sure what he’s still doing there and he isn’t too particularly excited over the fact that Byunghun is just trying to sew back his teddy bear’s eye so he takes it as his cue to leave. Byunghun thinks otherwise, apparently, because he’s whining and tugging at Chanhee’s sleeve and begging him to stay (something about needing him there for ‘moral support’) the moment he even makes any attempt to leave. So he has no choice but to stay. At one point, Byunghun gets a phone call from his mother— of all the times— so he has to take over as Byunghun excuses himself for a few minutes and he stares down at the bear, one eyed with its mouth turned down and it just looks so sad and—

(Damn it.)

He cuts off whatever work Byunghun’s done so far because no, it’s still too high, and he practically stabs the bear’s eye back in the place where he thinks it should be, stitching clumsily and poking his fingers with the needle— he doesn’t really know what he’s doing, but he’s angry and he just wants to go, and he doesn’t even realize that Byunghun’s already back until he tugs on the thread tightly one last time and—


The voice startles him, makes him drop the needle and it isn’t till then that he realizes that he’s put the eye way off where it’s supposed to be because now it’s lower than the other one and oh shit what have I done

"He’s perfect!"

Chanhee is stunned, confused for a moment because what? He’s sewn the eye completely out of place but Byunghun still looks at it like it’s best best damn thing he’s ever seen and all Chanhee can do is take off his gloves slowly as he’s watching Byunghun knot down the stitching that he hadn’t finished to secure the eye in place.

"The eye is crook—"

"It’s perfect, thank you.” Byunghun smiles, and there’s something so resolute and sure and honest in it that Chanhee can’t help but return the gesture.

(But sometimes it’s worth it, totally worth it.)

Tags: fandom: teen top, oneshots, pairing: chunjoe, rating: pg-13
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