Dawn (forevershining) wrote,

As the Death God Dictates 1/4

 JongYu; PG-13

It’s another ordinary summer day out; the sun is shining and the birds are singing while Jinki laughs with Kibum, but he can't help but feel this...presence. He feels two eyes boring onto his back. Like he's being watched. And it's been like this the whole day.

"Jinki? Jinki, are you okay?" Kibum waves a hand in front of Jinki's face, and he nods.

"I'm fine. Just. Fine." He smiles, and Kibum shrugs, and waves as they separate ways home. Jinki shakes his head and comes across a group of kids huddled in a group.

"Hit him! There! Yeah!" The kids exclaim, and Jinki notices that they have rocks in their hands, and that they are throwing it at whatever or whoever they're surrounding. Jinki pauses, frowns, and decides to do something about it.

"Hey, you kids. Stop that." He says calmly, and one of the kids turn around, eyes wide.

"Oh crap. It's a grown up. Everyone run away!" The children scatter, and Jinki sighs. He walks towards where they were huddled around, and frowns upon the sight of a crippled bird. He doesn't know why they were hurting the bird, but Jinki knows he can't leave it to just die like that. He bends down and picks up the injured bird in his hand, and tries to shush down its tweets in protest.

"Shh. I'll take care of you." he smiles. The bird stops at once, and he rushes it up to his room. When he opens the door, however, he's greeted by a stranger sitting on his bed. Jinki places the bird gently on his table, and bows politely. He doesn't know why the stranger is there, but he must have a reason, right? He'd been raised better than to yell at the stranger and ask him what the fuck he was doing there. (Even though it might have been the right thing to do in his situation.)

"H-hello." Jinki grins profusely, and the stranger gets up from his bed. "I-I'll get some snacks from mother downstairs. Please wait here." Jinki leaves without a word, and gets ready to bombard his mother with questions about who that guy is.

On the way down there, Jinki can't help but think about the stranger's appearance: Blonde tipped bangs and clothes that look too fashionable to be casual. He wonders if his mother has picked up another stray foreigner from the airport.

"Mom," he frowns, entering the kitchen. "Mom, who's that guy in my room?"

"What guy?"

"That...guy. You know, he's got blonde hair, and nice clothes."

"Jinki, are you trying to trick me with your imaginary friends again?"

"What? No! A-at least, I think not..." Jinki shakes his head violently. "Mom, that was back when I was eight, okay? Besides, I wouldn't conjure up someone like him from my imagination. He's too...I don't know." Jinki sighs.

"Okay, then, let's just see who this person you're talking about is, then." His mother climbs up the stairs, and Jinki starts to worry. If his mom doesn't know him, then the stranger must be unwanted there. If he's unwanted there, then he must have trespassed somehow. If he trespassed, then he must be some sort of robber. But...he's dressed too nice to be one. Jinki sighs in defeat; he's confused now. But he follows anyways, and peers over his mother's shoulder when she opens the door.

"Jinki," his mother sighs. The stranger smiles up at Jinki and waves, and he returns the gesture with a shaky wave of his own.

"S-see? He's right there. On my bed." Jinki shrinks behind his mother's back, and she laughs.

"Son, I think you've been studying too hard again. I don't see anyone there." She shakes his head and walks away, and Jinki stands gaping by the door.


"Don't bother." The stranger speaks. "You're the only one who can see me." He smiles. "My name is Jonghyun. Kim Jonghyun."

"How--my mom can't see you."

"I just told you," Jonghyun laughs slightly. "You're the only one who can see me. Well, you and other people who are close to dying." Jonghyun mumbles the last part.

"What? What's that supposed to mean?"

"Some things are better left unknown?" Jonghyun shrugs.

Jinki frowns. "Well, what are you doing here?"

"My job."

"Which is?”

"If I told you," Jonghyun steps closer towards Jinki. "I'd have to kill you." he whispers, and Jinki gulps nervously.

"Then a-are you one of my imaginary friends?" Jinki closes his eyes and plops down on the bed. Jonghyun laughs.

"Don't mistake me for such creatures." He flicks some nonexistent lint off his shoulder and sits beside Jinki. Jinki sighs dejectedly.

"Then what are you?"

Jonghyun grins. "I guess I'll see you tomorrow, Jinki." he salutes, and jumps out the window. Jinki watches silently. He knits his eyebrows in confusion; he doesn't remember giving Jonghyun his name—how did he know it?

Suddenly, a bigger reality hits him.



Jinki rushes outside, out of breath, and half expects a groups of people surrounded around Jonghyun's splattered remains and noisy police sirens everywhere. But the street is half empty as usual, and there is no splattered remains of Jonghyun's body. His mother trails behind him, and places a hand on his shoulder worriedly.

"Jinki-yah," she pants. "Who jumped out of our window? Your imaginary friend? That's okay, I'm sure he's fine." She tugs at his arm to go back inside, but he shakes his head.

"No. He said he wasn't one of my--he lied." Jinki pouts, and his mother places a reassuring arm over his shoulder.

"C'mon, Jinki. It's okay. You need rest."

"Rest. Yeah. Rest." Jinki nods his head and heads back inside. "I've been studying too hard." he closes his eyes and exhales sharply, lying firmly on his bed. His memory of Jonghyun is fresh, and he can't help but feel that he's more than just an imaginary friend. But maybe that's just his over active imagination kicking in again. "Rest, Jinki." he puffs out some air, and somehow manages to sleep.


"Jinki, do you have five won I can borrow?"

"Here, Kibum." Jinki grins and hands his best friend over the money, and Kibum smiles thankfully. Jinki leans his chair against the wall by the window and watches Kibum walk away. He hears a scoff beside him, and turns his head to the side.

"Hey again," Jonghyun salutes, and Jinki nearly topples off his chair in surprise.

"What the heck are you doing here?!" Jinki asks in a hushed tone, and Jonghyun chuckles slightly.

"I told you I'd see you today."

"Where the hell did you disappear to yesterday? You jumped off my window." Jinki frowned. "You lied to me, didn't you?"

Jonghyun rolls his eyes.

"Okay, I've been thinking about it, and you're definitely not human. You must be one of my lying imaginary friends."

Jonghyun laughs, baffled by Jinki's nonsense babbling, but Jinki doesn't find anything amusing. He was being serious. Dead serious.

"Seriously, Jinki?"


"You still think I'm an imaginary friend," Jonghyun pauses and catches his breath. "And dude, you still have imaginary friends??"

"Shut up." Jinki pouts, and crosses his arms across his chest. "I have an overactive imagination, okay?"

"By that, you mean you're weird? Yeah, I kind of figured that much already." Jonghyun sneers. "But okay, let's suppose you really have 'an overactive imagination'. Couldn't you think of other things better than 'imaginary friend' to describe me?" He grins toothily, and Jinki bows his head down in thought.

"Well, none that I can think of right now. Are you a ghost?"

Jonghyun shrugs. "I guess you can put it that way."

"So you're a spirit that has unfinished business and you want me to help you?!" Jinki's mouth forms an "o" shape, and Jonghyun shakes his head, laughing.

"You're too much. I'm going now. But keep thinking about it. I'll see you later." Jonghyun waves, and jumps out the window again.

"But how--"

"Jinki, who are you talking to?" Kibum sits back down, and Jinki shakes his head.

"No one in particular." He sighs.


"Boo." Jonghyun's legs are dangling off the edge of Jinki's bed, and Jinki drops his knapsack on the floor.

"How'd you get in?"

"Through the walls." Jonghyun grins, and Jinki flails. Jonghyun thinks he's found his new favourite hobby: freaking the shit out of Jinki.

"No. What the hell. Am I going crazy?" Jinki clutches his head between his hands.

"I thought you were already crazy before I met you."

"Shut the hell up. I'm calling my mom again." Jinki disappears through the door, and Jonghyun shrugs. It's no use trying to tell Jinki things. He's the kind that never listens.

The bird on the table chirps, and Jonghyun smiles slightly at Jinki's attempt to bandage its wings. The bird chirps again, and again, and Jonghyun can tell that it's in pain; it wants to go. He sighs and walks towards the table, puts on a solemn expression on his face, and places a hand over the bird. The bird stops chirping, and he looks away. He'll never get used to that. To taking living beings' souls away. He really isn't cut out for this job. But he does what he has to get by.


"Jinki, what the hell? Do you have a fever or something??" she places a hand over her son’s forehead in worry.

“No, mom, I’m fine. But I swear to god he’s in my room again.”                                           

“Jinki,” she sighs tiredly. “Baby, stop worrying me like this. I-I. Jinki.” She envelops him in a hug, and Jinki sighs dejectedly. So running to his mother was useless. Jinki pulls away and fakes a smile.

“I-I’m kidding, mom.” He laughs awkwardly, but his mother frowns at him.

“Okay,” She smiles slightly, and ruffles his hair. “Okay.” She repeats, and places a kiss on Jinki’s forehead. Jinki sighs and retreats back to his room. He closes the door behind him and watches as Jonghyun stands by the bird.

“W-what happened?!” he rushes over, and his heart breaks slightly when he sees the unmoving bird in Jonghyun’s hand. “What did you do?!” He looks up to grab Jonghyun’s shoulders, but Jonghyun’s face is turned away.

“I-I can’t. I’m sorry.” Jonghyun hands the dead bird to Jinki, and Jinki swears he sees Jonghyun crying.

“H-hey, what’s—“

And Jonghyun jumps out the window again. Jinki doesn’t see him for a few days, and was convinced that he really did just conjure him up from his imagination.


Taemin scans the area uninterestedly, having made his tenth round around the city already. Suddenly, he bumps into someone, (and he’s glad he did, cuz fuck, he had the most boring job ever.) and widens his eyes when he sees Jonghyun crying.

“O-oh, hyung, not again?” Taemin welcomes the crying Jonghyun into his arms and pats his back. “I thought you were excited about this one.” He frowns. Jonghyun wipes his tears with the back of his sleeve and sniffles.

“I-I was. I was, really. I thought I could do it this time. I thought I was already strong enough. But fuck. I still can’t do it. I can’t do it, Taemin.”

“Hyung, you haven’t done anything yet.”

“I…killed a bird. I killed a fucking bird. I mean, it was in pain, I could tell, and even though Jinki tried to, I don’t know, fix it, I knew it had to go. So I tried reaping that one. I didn’t think it would be such a big deal, but fuck, it was. I can’t handle a bird, Taemin. Tell me how the fuck am I supposed to take Jinki’s soul. He hasn't done anything wrong.” Jonghyun shakes his head in remorse.

“I don’t know, hyung.” Taemin sighs. “I’m not there yet. Frankly, I’m scared, too. But weren’t you the one who told me—“

“That we should do things we have to get by. I know. It’s just. It’s hard.”

“What’s so hard about it?”

“Seeing,” Jonghyun sighs. “Seeing the life get sucked out of that being. Knowing that it was once alive. Some of them don’t deserve to die yet. Why can’t we all just let them live until they turn one hundred or something? I mean, who are we to be taking living beings’ lives away like this?”

"We're death Gods." Taemin whispers, and a melancholic silence befalls them.

It's our job. It's only our job. We do what we have to get by.

ugh. pardon the fail. I'm tired and should be sleeping by now, but I felt the itch to write something. Expect the length to change up to three, at the max. maybe. =.= again, it's 1:30 and I'm writing this while craving a fucking Mc gangbang, and resisting the urge to scout upstairs for food.

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