Dawn (forevershining) wrote,

As the Death God Dictates 3/4

 JongYu; PG-13

“So? How’s it going with Jinki?” Taemin asks curiously, and Jonghyun snaps his wrist and watches as the rock in his hand plops ungracefully down the surface of the water. He frowns.

“Hopeless.” He sighs, and buries his head in his hands. Taemin picks up another rock and successfully makes it skip on the water five times before it sinks.

“Really? How so?”

“Let’s just say…he’s really bad at this whole ‘trying to get Kibum to fall in love with him’ thing? Even I can tell that Kibum doesn’t like him back. I don’t think he ever will. I just don’t have enough courage to tell him that.”

“Why not?”

“He might ask me to kill him early. I’m not ready.”

Taemin laughs, and lays down upon the warm sand. “Well, have you consulted cupid yet?”

“Minho? He says the situation is hopeless, too. Kibum and Jinki’s compatibility isn’t very high.”

“How much is it?”

“On a romantic scale? I think he mentioned something around .01 or something. I don’t remember.” Jonghyun shrugs.

“Ooh. That’s bad.” Taemin scrunches up his face. “So what are you planning to do now?”

“I have something up my sleeve.” Jonghyun smiles, and Taemin doesn’t even want to ask.

“Okay, hyung. Seems like you know what you’re doing.”

Jonghyun nods. “Well, I better get going now. Jinki’s out of school soon, and I need to get back to his room and listen to him whine about why Kibum still hasn’t fallen for him. He expects all of this to be easy. Like it’s magic, or something.”

“Well, it kind of is, in a way.” Taemin smiles and  traces patterns against the sand. “Goodluck” he waves up at Jonghyun, and the older boy heads off towards Jinki’s apartment.

“Magic, huh?” Jonghyun wonders to himself, and lets out a small laugh.


“Jonghyun! I—Kibum still hasn’t done or said anything. When is this plan of yours going to work? Did you lie to me again? Did you lie to me about being a Death God and about me only having a month to live? What are you, really?!” Jinki plops down on his bed face first, and Jonghyun sighs. It’s the sixth time Jinki’s asked him that, and his patience is slowly wearing off.

“I told you I’m not lying. About any of this. And it’s not as easy as you think, okay? It’s not like I can just magically make you two fall in love with each other. Only cupid can do that. And he’s not exactly a very generous guy when it comes to things like that. He likes letting things happen naturally.” Jonghyun shrugs.

“Did someone call?” Minho lands beside Jonghyun, and places a hand on his shoulder. Jonghyun jumps slightly, but smiles at the sight of the so-called god of love. (Erotic love and beauty, to be precise. But not everyone needs to know that.)

Jinki pulls his covers up to hide himself, and watches as the unknown stranger observes him.

“Jonghyun, who is that?” Jinki asks with wide eyes, and Minho chuckles.

“Is this him?” Minho asks, and steps cautiously towards Jinki. “Jinki, right?”

“Y-yeah?” Jinki cowers, and looks over at Jonghyun for what to do. Jonghyun shrugs.

“Give up on Kibum. Jonghyun told me about your, uh, predicament. It’s not going to work out, trust me.”

“W-what are you, some sort of fortune teller, or something?” Jinki furrows his brows.

Minho arches an eyebrow and steps back slightly. “Me, a fortune teller? Jonghyun, didn’t you educate this human before you brought me here?”

“Didn’t have enough time?” Jonghyun grins, and Minho rolls his eyes.

Jinki,” Minho breathes out calmly. “I am Cupid. The god of love.” He states. Jinki bursts out into laughter, and Minho only watches in disbelief. “Jonghyun, why the hell is he laughing at me?”

“Because he’s weird that way.” Jonghyun feels like laughing with Jinki, but holds it back.

It takes Jinki ten minutes to fully calm down, and by that time, he’s wiping tears from the corner of his eyes. “Oh my god. I think I really am going crazy.” Jinki giggles, and Minho strides over there to place a hand on the boy’s shoulder.

“Listen, you.” He glares down at Jinki. “I don’t get what the hell is so funny, but if you want me to just leave and not help you, then I’m fine with that.” Minho turns, only to find Jonghyun’s gaze on him. The blonde raises an eyebrow, and Minho grumbles something like “If only that stupid dinosaur didn’t know…”

“I’m going to step out for a bit and let you two talk. If you need me, just call me.” Jonghyun grins victoriously and steps out the room. Minho silently curses him and swears to get back at him some day.

“If you’re cupid, then why are you so tall? And where are you bows and arrows? Aren’t you supposed to be a baby or something?” Jinki sits up and observes Minho carefully. Minho scoffs.

“Typical humans. The last time a human’s ever seen me and lived, I still looked like that. But hello? Haven’t you guys ever heard of puberty? It happens to gods, too. We just happen to age a lot slower.”

“Does that mean you guys still die?”

“Oh, shut up already.” Minho rubs his temples, feeling his anger rising, and his patience slowly slip away. “You. Kibum. Not compatible. Okay? Leave. Him. Alone.” Minho lets out an exasperated sigh.

“But. Jonghyun promised me I’ll find love.” Jinki frowns.

“He never promised it was going to be with Kibum, did he?”

“I-I guess n—“

“Then stop complaining already. You and Kibum will never be together. Ever. There’s one in a million chance.” Minho sighs. “Do you know about the red strings of fate?”


“They’re connected from your heart, to your pinky. The other end of it is tied to another person’s pinky. Your soul mate. So technically you two share the same red string. The best and the only thing I can do for you now is try to see if your soul mate is anywhere near. So do pray that the unlucky person is somewhere nearby, because this is your last chance.” Minho closes his eyes and tries to focus his power on finding Jinki’s soul mate.

“Oh, but Jonghyun said you can also kind of just magically make two people fall in love. I mean, it makes sense; it should be in your capabilities, right? Why can’t you just do that to me and Kibum?” Jinki questions, and Minho flinches slightly.

“Be quiet.”

“And also, you said there’s one in a million chances of us ever getting together. So does that mean that there is a chance, even though it’s very small?”

“Shut up.”


“Holy Jupiter.” Minho opens his eyes again and shoots a piercing glare at Jinki. “I told you to shut up.”

Jinki gulps. He might have gone a bit off the line. Just a bit.


“Minho, what did you do?” Jonghyun clambers back into the window, and watches in amazement to find Jinki sleeping peacefully.

“He wouldn’t shut up.” Minho mutters, and Jonghyun catches a glimpse of him putting his bow away.

“You didn’t use arrows on him, did you?”

“No.” Minho turns his back on Jonghyun, but the blonde isn’t buying it. Minho definitely used the arrows. But Minho continues and gets ready to leave. “Oh, and I hate you.” Minho smirks, and Jonghyun’s feels something sting his back.

“Ow, what the hell--?” Jonghyun’s eyelids suddenly feel droopy, and before he knew it, he’s already fast asleep.


“Jonghyun? Jonghyun? Are you dead? Does this mean I get to live now?” A voice calls out to him, and Jonghyun opens his eyes slowly only to find Jinki’s face peering at him.

“W-what?” Jonghyun shakes his head, and it takes him a few minutes to recollect what he was worrying about earlier.

“Damn it, he’s alive.” Jinki sighs.

“What happened?”

“I don’t know. You were unconscious on my floor when I woke up.”

Jonghyun winces and rubs a sore spot on his back. “No, I meant what happened with you and Minho? You made him take out the arrows. Did he use any on you?”

“I don’t know. I remember him taking one out. And I asked him what he was going to do with it. But I don’t remember anything else that happened after that.” Jinki shrugs. “Does it matter?”

Jonghyun shakes his head. “No, I guess not…” He smiles after.

“Oh, he also told me about the red strings of fate or whatever. He said my soul mate was near. I’m still convinced it’s Kibum. I mean, who else? And I don’t care what Cupid said. I’m still going after Kibum” Jinki smiles contently.

Jonghyun frowns. “W-what? Why?” his stomach twists in a weird way when he hears this, but doesn’t say anything.

“Because. I’ve made up my mind. I want to fall in love. And I’m going to fall in love with Kibum.”

Why him? Jonghyun wants to ask, but he remains silent. “I see.” He ends off on a bitter note, and excuses himself out.


“So how did it go with Cupid, hyung?”

“I don’t even know. Everything was just too…confusing. I left him and Jinki alone, and when I came back Jinki was sleeping.”


“Yeah. And Minho was putting his bow away. God, I just wish he didn’t do anything weird. Then When I asked him what happened, he told me he hated me and then I felt something weird on my back and I kind of…lost consciousness.”

“Maybe he hit you with one of his arrows too?”

“That’s impossible,” Jonghyun pauses. Suddenly, he remembers his weird feelings towards Jinki’s unfaltering determination to fall in love with Kibum. He can’t possibly be falling in love with Jinki, can he?

“Hyung?” Taemin waves a hand in front of his face and cuts off his train of thought. “I was kidding?”

Jonghyun laughs awkwardly. “W-well, what if I told you it might actually be possible?”

“How so?”

“I don’t know. I got this…I don’t know. It almost felt like I was jealous when Jinki said he was still determined to go after Kibum.”

Taemin’s eyes widened. “Hyung, are you…in love with Jinki?”

“I fucking hope not.” He shakes his head and buries it in his hands. “Why can’t my job just be straightforward?!”

Taemin answers with silence, and turns his head at the sound of footsteps. “Hyung, I think someone’s here for you.”

Jonghyun looks, only to find Jinki staring at Taemin weirdly. “Is this another one of your supernatural friends?” he asks.

“My name’s Taemin. I’ve heard a lot about you, Jinki.” Taemin grins and holds out a hand, and Jinki hesitantly takes it. But his hand goes through Taemin’s, and this somehow amuses Jinki so he runs his hand through Taemin’s a few times and laughs. “O-kay? Nice to meet you too.” Taemin laughs along with Jinki.

“Jinki! What the hell are you doing here?! How do you always find me?”

“I don’t know,” Jinki shrugs. “Intuition?” he plasters a sheepish grin on his face, but Jonghyun doesn’t miss that there’s something odd in his look.

“What happened?” Jonghyun frowns, and Taemin steps back.

“Well, I better get going now.” Taemin waves off, and leaves the two alone. Jinki bites his lip and avoids Jonghyun’s gaze.

“Nothing.” He shrugs, but Jonghyun knows better.

“What happened?” Jonghyun repeats, and Jinki sighs in defeat. He turns around and buries his face in Jonghyun’s chest, much to the younger one’s surprise. Jonghyun is baffled when Jinki starts sobbing, and somewhere between the hiccupping and the sniffling, he thinks he hears Kibum’s name, and Jonghyun’s heart starts to twinge.

“What about Kibum?” Jonghyun asks, only to be answered by a heap of incoherent gibberish from Jinki. He sighs and pats the older boy’s back. The only thing he can do right then is wait.


/sigh. Seems like every time I write, this thing gets longer. I'm hoping 4 is the last part. @@ and omg. dont even ask about the jinki and minho as cupid thing. My brain is just. fucked. lol.

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