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As the Death God Dictates 4/4

JongYu; PG-13


“Okay, so what happened? Did Kibum turn you down?” Jonghyun kneels in front of Jinki, who is now back in his room, sitting on his bed.

“Not exactly,” Jinki sniffles, and reaches for another Kleenex to blow his nose in. “I-I was left with Kibum for clean up duty, and when I was done, Kibum was missing, so I decided to look for him. Remember that intuition I told you about? Well, I found him. I found him.” Jinki nods.

“Where’d you find him?”

“In the janitor’s closet.”


“He was in the Janitor’s closet. Making out with Minho. What kind of a Love God is he?!” Jinki blows his nose hard into the Kleenex again. “Then he raises his hand and shows me—shows me his fucking pinky tied with a red string, and the other end is connected with Kibum’s.” Jinki shakes his head. “Jonghyun, take me now. Please. I don’t want to live anymore. Screw finding love. If it hurts this much, I don’t want it anymore, after all. Just take me already.” Jinki buries his head under his pillow and groans.

“Jinki, don’t say that. Love isn’t always painful, you know? It can also be pleasant, the most pleasant thing you’ve ever experienced in your life. You just have to find the right kind of love out there to make you feel like that.” Jonghyun mentally slaps himself for saying such cheesy things, but his mouth seems to move on its own accord.

“You speak like you’re so experienced.” Jinki’s words come muffled from under his pillow, and Jonghyun smiles.

“I guess you can say that?” He grins, and places a hand over his chest. His heart is fleeting happily, but first priorities come first. Jonghyun is willing to do anything to help Jinki find that one love. Even if it means that he’ll be by himself in the end. Fuck you Minho He grits his teeth and hopes that nothing more stupid comes out of his mouth.

“Well, what do you want me to do?” Jinki sits up.

“W-well, if your soul mate is still out there somewhere, and they’re somewhere near, then we should go find them?” Jonghyun’s mouth moves into an automatic smile, but inside, he’s mentally slapping himself for having said that. Shut up, will you? I don’t want Jinki to find his soul mate. I think I’ll be much happier if I take his soul now. But…I just can’t. Jonghyun sighs.

Jinki’s eyes light up a bit. “This isn’t going to be another broken promise from you, is it? And I only have one more week left.” He frowns.

“I have a plan.” Jonghyun grins slyly. Jinki can only look down at Jonghyun questioningly, but grins back anyways.


“ Yah, Minho.”

“I see you’re still as disrespectful as ever.”

“Why did you have to do that?!”

“Do what?” Minho raises an eyebrow and speculates as the blonde comes closer to him.

“You know what I’m talking about! You and Kibum in the closet. Really, what kind of Love God are you?”

“The kind that wants to set things straight. I’m helping, believe me or not.”

“My ass.” Jonghyun scoffs in response.

“It’s true! Why doesn’t anyone ever believe me? Besides, now you don’t have against me anymore.” Minho smirks.

Jonghyun grumbles something under his breath and glares up at Minho. “Then lend me your little soul mate compass thing.”

“I have no such thi—hey!”

“You liar.” Jonghyun narrows his eyes at Minho and holds the compass in his hand.

“Give that back. I don’t authorize you to use that—“

“Oh whatever. I’ll bring it back when we’re done. Now go play with your Kibum.”

“It’s not going to work.”

“I don’t care.”

“Did you not learn anything from Jinki? I said it won’t work. It won’t.” Minho sighs.

“Well, this is kind of your fault.”

“Oh, my fault. This is my fault now, is it?” Minho steps back a bit, trying to see if Jonghyun had finally lost it.

“If you hadn’t struck me with one of those annoying love arrows, I wouldn’t be this head over heels n love with Jinki, and I wouldn’t be doing this. So see this as compensation for that.” Jonghyun smiles and turns away.

“But I told you I didn’t us—“

Jonghyun disappears before Minho can even finish his sentence. Minho sighs.

“Jonghyun, you idiot. I never used any of my arrows on you or Jinki.” he frowns. “But I suppose things are now turning in the right direction naturally.”


“Okay, so I borrowed this.” Jonghyun places the compass on Jinki’s study table, and the older one studies it curiously.

“It’s…is that a pocket watch?”

“No. Open it, you dummy.” Jonghyun rolls his eyes and smacks Jinki lightly. Jinki does as he’s told, and watches a red arrow lying idly against the round surface. At the top, there’s a small heart, and everything else is blank. Jinki cocks his head to the side in wonder, and Jonghyun smiles.

“It’s a compass. To find your soul mate.”

“There’s such thing?! Where’d you find this?!” Jinki places the compass back on the table.

“From the supermarket.”

“They sell these there? It probably doesn’t work, you know.”

“I was kidding! Of course I got this from cupid!” Jonghyun facepalms, but chuckles to himself at Jinki’s cluelessness.

“Does it work?”

“He told me it wouldn’t. But I don’t listen to him. He probably just didn’t want me to take it.” Jonghyun shrugs. “It worked for him.”

“So, what do I do?”

Jonghyun pulls at the small ring on the top, and it revealed a small, thin needle. “We need a sample of blood from your pinky finger.” He states, and Jinki hides both of his hands right away.

“No. I hate needles.” Jinki sticks his tongue out at Jonghyun.

“But don’t you want to find your soul mate?”

“Yes, but—“

“Then give me your hand!” Jonghyun tries to pull Jinki’s hand away, but the older one was persistent. They stand there (well, Jinki’s sitting on a chair) wrestling with each other, when Jinki’s mother enters the room.

“Jinki, what are you doing?” she asks concernedly, seeing her son squirm about in his chair.

“N-nothing mom.” Jinki turns and smiles, but Jonghyun takes his as an opportunity to grab one of Jinki’s hands and prick it. The older one jumps at the small pain and falls out of his chair.

“I got it!” Jonghyun grins and places the needle back at the top. He watches as the small arrow spins wildly around the compass. He frowns when it doesn’t stop. “Wow. Maybe Minho was right. This thing is defective.” He sighs and places it back on the table.

“Oh, Jinki. Are you okay?” his mother rushes over and helps him up. Jinki smiles in thanks. His mother notices that his left hand is covered in blood, and takes it immediately. “Where did you get this?” she fumbles, trying to wipe it away with the hem of her dress. “Son,” she frowns concernedly. “What’s been going on with you? You’ve been…talking to yourself a lot. I hear you. And you’ve left a couple of times without letting me know where you were going. I’m starting to get worried, Jinki.” She says worriedly. Jinki whimpers slightly and glances at Jonghyun quickly as if to say ‘I’m going to tell her’, and Jonghyun’s eyes widen.

“Don’t. Don’t you dare, Jinki.” He warns, and forgets that Jinki never listens to anyone.

“But she’s my mother!” Jinki yells, and places both of his hands over his ears. He sobs a little bit, and starts telling his mother everything that just happened. His mother’s expressions ranged from disbelief to worried, to a lot worried. Jonghyun was yapping in the background, trying to persuade Jinki to stop, but the older one doesn’t listen. Jonghyun stares at him in disbelief, and Jinki’s mom leaves the room, telling Jinki to stay put, that she’ll be back.

“Jinki, are you insane?!” He shakes Jinki’s shoulder, but the older one only stares out into space. “J-jinki, I have a bad feeling about all of this. Jinki??” Jonghyun waves a hand in front of his face, but Jinki is still unresponsive. Jonghyun decides to step out to try and find Taemin, but when he doesn’t, he decides to go back to Jinki’s room. And all hell breaks loose.

When he returns, Jinki’s gone, and so is his mother. It takes Jonghyun a while to find them, but he finally spots their car, and somehow manages to get inside through the open windows. He sits beside Jinki and glances to the side. Jinki frowns at him. “Why’d you tell her, Jinki? Where are you guys going now?”

“She’s taking me to the hospital. Jonghyun, I can’t take any of this anymore.” Jinki shakes his head.

“Jinki, I told you I’d help you find your soul mate. Here.” Jonghyun hands Jinki the small compass, and Jinki takes it, opens the compass, and knits his eyebrows in confusion before he glances at Jonghyun.

“I think it’s broken.” Jinki sighs and closes the compass once again. “Jonghyun, just take me now. Please.” Jinki’s voice cracks slightly, and Jonghyun sees the obvious hurt in Jinki’s eyes.

“This is about Kibum again, isn’t it? Minho already told you to leave him alone. Why can’t you just…find someone else?” Jonghyun’s look is equally hurt, Because, god damn it, why can’t you see that I’m here?

“With the little time left I have? I don’t think I can.” Jinki shakes his head promptly, and his mother looks at him from the rearview mirror.

“Jinki, who are you talking to?” she frowns, trying to keep her attention on the road at the same time.

“Jonghyun.” Jinki sighs, and Jonghyun bites his bottom lip hard.

“Jinki. Why is it always about Kibum? Kibum this, Kibum that. You’ll never be together with him. He’s found his soul mate already. Why won’t you just accept that fact?”


“Because what? Jinki, you’re so selfish, you know.” Jonghyun doesn’t realize it, but he’s soon crying, and Jinki tilts his head to the side.

“Why does this matter so much to you?”

“Jinki, stop talking to yourself, please.” His mother pleads, desperation in her voice.

“Because. Because I love you, Jinki!” Jonghyun yells, and the tires squeak, and glass breaks, and metal crunches. Jonghyun gets out immediately, unscathed. He stands there, not knowing what to do. “Jinki. Oh fuck. No. What happens now??” Jonghyun clutches his head in between his hands, and Taemin appears behind him.

“Hyung, hyung, let’s leave the cleaning up to the humans. You don’t have much time left. Why don’t you take him now?”

“Unfinished business, Taemin.” Jonghyun storms off, and the younger has no choice but to follow.


Jinki and his mother are both declared to be in a state of coma, and they lie in hospital beds right beside each other. Jonghyun sits in the empty visitor’s chair beside Jinki’s bed, watching, hoping the boy would wake up soon. He’s been there for the past week, pouring his feelings heart out for the boy at times, and would give up when he realized that it wasn’t doing anything.

“He won’t wake up unless you do something, you know.” Minho leans against the window behind Jonghyun, but the older one sighs.

“Like what?”

“Figure it out yourself. You only have like,” Minho pauses to check his watch. “Five minutes before your deadline.”

Jonghyun sighs. “I really don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. I used my scythe, I asked Taemin. Nothing happened.”

The kiss of death” Minho whispers in his ear, and Jonghyun stares at him like he’s crazy. Nonetheless, Jonghyun leans over and presses his lips softly against Jinki’s, and, well, it was like something inside of him exploded. When he pulls away, it was like Jinki was glowing, radiating brightly. The boy opens his eyes slowly, and Jonghyun’s heart skips a beat. Minho’s lips curve up to a smile, before he leaves through the window again, waiting outside to give the two some space.

“J-Jonghyun?” Jinki says weakly, and Jonghyun smiles, takes his hand, and pulls Jinki up. Or his soul, at least. “A-am I--dead?” The high pitched beeping and straight line on the IV monitor answers Jinki’s question, but Jonghyun pulls him in close. “I’m sorry.” Jinki mumbles softly, and Jonghyun shoots him a confused glance.

“What for?” he chuckles slightly, and Jinki frowns.”

“For not realizing it earlier.”

“Realizing what?”

“This.” Jinki leans in shyly and touches their lips together, but it was more than enough for Jonghyun.

“You two, there’s tons of time to do all of that later. We should get going soon.” Minho beckons, and Jonghyun nods, pulling Jinki’s hand along with him. Jinki stops, however, and glances at his mother beside him. A nurse rushes in and sees Jinki’s lifeless corpse, and runs back out to get a doctor. Jinki pulls Jonghyun towards his mother and smiles slightly.

“Eomma. I know you probably can’t hear me right now. But. I just wanted to say goodbye. And thank you for everything.” Jinki tries to hold back tears, and grabs his mother’s hand with his free one. “This is Jonghyun.” Jinki smiles crookedly, and as if on cue, his mother’s eyes open slowly, and her mouth immediately forms Jinki’s name. Her eyes dart to Jonghyun, and even though she couldn’t speak, her eyes had this questioning look on them.

“Your son’s imaginary friend.” Jonghyun bows slightly. “May I have permission to take Jinki from you?” Jonghyun squeezes Jinki’s hand tighter in his, and Jinki’s mother smiles and nods her head slightly.

“You guys. Two minutes. Now.” Minho peeks his head back in the window, and the two follow along after Minho.

“Oh, by the way, here’s your compass back. You were right—it doesn’t work.” Jonghyun throws the object at Minho, who catches it with ease.

“Really? But I lied about that. It should work.” Minho frowns, pauses for a second, and opens the compass. “It works fine.” He shrugs, and continues walking.

“I think it does.” Jinki smiles, and Jonghyun swears the boy just shone even brighter. “When I opened it in the car, the arrow pointed to you.” He hums contentedly, and Jonghyun’s cheeks flush a bit. “Look.” Jinki lifts up their entwined hands, and sure enough, the red string of fate was present. They both take a second to look at each other happily, but the moment was ruined by Minho’s voice.

“You guys. Are so. Freaking. Slow.” Minho rolls his eyes, and lets out an exasperated sigh. Jonghyun and Jinki laugh, and jog to catch up to Minho. “You know how Pluto hates waiting.”

“Oh, I think Jinki will like Jaejoong-hyung.” Jonghyun smiles.

“It’s Pluto! Stop disrespecting the gods, Jonghyun!”

“I used hyung!” Jonghyun sticks his tongue out. “Oh, by the way, why did you use your arrows on us when you knew we were soul mates, anyways?”

“I never did. I tried telling you that. But you wouldn’t listen.”

Jinki and Jonghyun both plaster silly smiles on their faces, and catch glances from each other sideways.

“I love you,” Jonghyun whispers. “I told you you’d find love.” He grins.

“It’s a bit late, but I’m glad I did.” Jinki grins back. “And, I-I love you too.” Jinki says softly, and Jonghyun places a small kiss on his forehead.

“You guys! We have to go see Pluto now! Stop making kissy faces at each other!” Minho twists his face in disgust, and Jonghyun snorts.

“Stop being so jealous.” He retorts.

Taemin watches from a distance as the three walk towards a portal, and a smile slowly spreads across his face. “I’m glad everything worked out well…” He says, and flies away to get back to his job.

It’s our job. It’s only our job. We do what we have to get by.

But sometimes, Taemin thinks, loopholes are good too.


heckyes I finished this before I had to leave~ 8D I actually have a bit of leeway before exams. yeah I failed english with all my fail writing. OTL So I'm gonna be writing as much as I humanely can before I leave. ;A; More JongKey coming you guys' way in the future~ and if I get brave, maybe I'll try JongHo cuz I'm curious. ^^

haha I don't have to cram like you. I told you you should've studied with me earlier~ 8D

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