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JongKey; PG



"What?" Jonghyun turns around, still half dazed by the fact that his band mates had just thrown him a surprise birthday party earlier. And that they had just finished filming the last episode of Hello Baby. Saying goodbye to Yoogeun was harder than any of them thought; especially for Kibum.

He shifts his weight to the side, and turns to look at Kibum. The younger one wipes some remaining tears with the back of his hand and sniffles. Jonghyun drapes his arm around Kibum's shoulder and tucks a lock of Kibum's hair behind his ears.

"I said, yes."

"Yes to what?" Jonghyun knits his eyebrows and shoots Kibum a confused glance. They sit outside by themselves, having talked the staff to letting Jonghyun calm Kibum down. The wind blows hard, and Jonghyun feels that he should be cold despite the jacket that he's wearing, but he feels oddly warm.

"Earlier, you know."

Jonghyun tilts his head back and looks up, trying to remember. He runs his fingers through his hair and notices how the stars look really pretty that night. His cheeks tint a bit of red when he figures out what Kibum is talking about. "Y-you can't think I was actually serious about that." he breathes out in disbelief, and Kibum shows a disappointed look on his face.

"Oh." was all Kibum says, before he stands to leave. Jonghyun catches his hand and pulls him back down, however, wearing a slight smile on his face.

"What I mean is, well, I can't exactly propose to you without a proper ring, you know? The candy bracelet was a good substitute, I guess, but it was too childish and--"

Kibum laughs slightly and places a hand on Jonghyun's chest as if telling him to stop. "I get it." Kibum smirks, and the two find themselves slowly inching towards each other.

Jonghyun smiles and pulls Kibum in for a short, but loving kiss, and he sits the younger one back down beside him. The staff are calling them back inside, but they can wait. "You'll wait for me, right?" Jonghyun asks nervously, toying with Kibum's slender fingers. He feels the younger one nod against his chest, and couldn't help but smile uncontrollably.

"But you know," Kibum looks up at Jonghyun, "I wouldn't have cared if it was a candy bracelet or a diamond ring. As long as it's from you, I'll take it." the younger one states, and Jonghyun looks down into his eyes and smirks.

"I know. What matters is that I have you here, right now. But I still want to get you something proper."

"Right. I forgot you were a romantic." Kibum states mockingly, rolling his eyes at Jonghyun. The older one grins whimsically and places a kiss on Kibum's

"You bet I am."


ugh. idek. it's 1:05 am, and I felt like I needed to write something today. idek what this is. ;A;

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