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"Push, hyung, push!"

The older one grunts in response. 

"Harder hyung, harder!" The blonde whines.

"I'm trying, I'm trying, okay!"

"We need more oil."

"I already finished the whole bottle!"

"There was only half in there!"

"Why is this my fault?"

"Never said it was."

The older one sighs in defeat, leaning against the old wooden door that they've been trying to push open for the past half hour. The blonde one looks up, still determined that they can pry it open, and bangs it heavily with his fists. The sound echoes out into the empty room behind it as Minsoo wipes off some sweat with the back of his hand.

"Byunghun, maybe we should just head bac--"

And the door creaks open, causing the older one to stumble back and fall out of balance, landing with a dull thud against the dark, wooden floor of the inside, caked with dust and whatnot that have collected over the years. The blonde grins triumphantly and offers his hand to the older one, who takes it quite hesitantly.

"You were saying, hyung?" Byunghun smirks cockily, peeking inside the old house.

"Thanks." Minsoo dusts himself off, only to feel his hand getting pulled along by the all too excited blonde. He sighs exasperatedly. The inside is old, dark, musky, kind of creepy-- nothing less you would expect from an old house. Any moment now, Minsoo expects the door to slam shut behind them, you know, kind of like in those scary movies where the people get trapped in a haunted house and start fleeing for their lives. Something of the sort. I guess one can say he has quite a bit of an overactive imagination. That, or he's just watched too many scary movies as a kid. 

Byunghun, on the other hand, likes adventure (or as Minsoo would say, 'he's really just quite weird').  The blonde looks around, gaping at the dust covered furniture like they were some kind of a lost treasure. Well they are to him, in a way. A way that it will all serve as their escape ticket from the orphanage soon enough. The blonde skims his fingers against the surface of a coffee table, blowing off as much dust as he can. The place looks okay enough, he thinks, as he swivels around to face the older one.

Minsoo feels goosebumps creep up his arms, and he doesn't like it. He feels something off about the place, though he can't quite put his finger on it. He looks around, glancing back just to check if the front door is still open, when something catches the corner of his eye from one of the rooms. Something glinting, and Minsoo blinks, turning his attention fully on it.

"Hyung, what are you looking at?" 

The sudden voice startles him, and Minsoo jumps up a bit, only to find the younger one smiling teasingly up at him. He curses silently under his breath and shakes his head. 

"Nothing. So are you done looking around? I'm hungry." Minsoo glances at the front door once again, keeping his gaze there until the blonde answers.

"Mhmm. I think this place just needs a good, thorough cleaning up and it'll be fine. There's six of us, anyways. It shouldn't be that hard."

Minsoo turns and glares at the younger one, giving him a kind of 'You can't be serious' look. The blonde responds with a 'We can at least try.' smile. Minsoo shakes his head and starts heading back out, grasping the door firmly with his hand, making sure it doesn't close out on them, and waits for the blonde to exit. Byunghun steps back out casually, and Minsoo releases the door. 

"I think we should get a new door." 

"With what money?" Byunghun sneers, closing up the door behind them, locking it back up with one of those large, antique keys. "And why? I like this door. If we replace it, the house's look won't be quite the same." He shrugs, placing the key back in his pocket. 

I don't know, there's something fucking creepy about it, Minsoo wants to say, but he holds it back in fears of the blonde's pompous teasing. "Yeah, I guess you're right." Minsoo shrugs, kicking a pebble as he starts walking. But the blonde knows him better than that, and a sly smile creeps up the younger's face.

"You're scared, aren't you." The blonde walks beside the older one, matching his pace.

"Me, scared? Of what? Psch, no, nawh." Minsoo sticks his hands in his pocket casually, walking down the beaten dirt path as he avoids eye contact with Byungjun. One look and the blonde will surely be able to tell that he was lying.

"Yes you are. Boo! I'm a ghost~" Byunghun laughs teasingly, nudging Minsoo's side. The older one sighs.

"Am not, shut up."

"Are to."

"Am not."

"Are to."

"Am not."

"Am not."

"Are to."

Byunghun grins victoriously. Minsoo closes his eyes. It was going to be a long walk back.


uhm. it's 5:40 am right now. Staying up for Gayo Daejun. I'm sorry for any mistakes. I think I'm going to make this chaptered. I'm not exactly sure how many chapters it'll have, but the other members will start popping up in the next chapters, so yeah. Look out for that. I'm not exactly sure if I'll include any other pairings or sub pairings or pears, or--wait, what? Okay, don't mind me. Just be readin'.

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Tags: fandom: teen top, pairing: cap/l.joe, rating: pg
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