Dawn (forevershining) wrote,


OnTae; G


Jinki gapes at the sight in front of him, and wiggles his toes in the unfamiliar sand-like substance that feels oddly comforting on his feet.

Taemin laughs, and Jinki lifts his gaze, and catches sight of the translucent pool of rainbow coloured liquid in front of him.

Taemin is wading upon it, drops of the liquid latching onto his skin, and he beckons Jinki to come closer.

"Hyung, the water's fine!" he waves, and Jinki trudges forward, and stops where the water meets his feet.


and he's dripping wet, as Taemin scurries away, swimming farther away into the distance. "Hyung, catch me if you can!"

The voice is faded, but Jinki sheds his clothes anyways, and wades into the lukewarm water.

"What is this?" Jinki questions, swerves around and swims to Taemin.

"It's a dream, hyung!" Taemin giggles, and latches his fingers with Jinki's.

Jinki can't help but smile, as he pulls Taemin into a kiss.

Taemin pulls away, smiles, and swims away. "Hyung, catch me!" Jinki cuts through the water, laughing, arms stretched out.

He finally catches hold of Taemin, and pulls the younger one underwater. Tiny air bubbles surround them, tickles their skin as they laugh, and they both surface up again for some air.

The air is sweeter here, Jinki thinks, and he suddenly realizes that he doesn't exactly know where "here" is.

"Taemin, where are we?"

"Does it really matter, hyung?"

"It matters to me. I'd like to know."

"I already told you," Taemin brushes his hand lightly across Jinki's bare chest "This is a dream."

"A dream?" Jinki asks, and the younger one nods. So Jinki dreams of sugar sand beaches, rainbow coloured water, and cotton candy clouds; but what he can't decide is what's sweeter: Taemin, or the whole scenery in front of him.

Everything was edible. Including Taemin himself.

"Hyung, can we stay here forever?" Taemin presses his hands against Jinki's, fingertips touching.

"Forever? But it's a dream."

"Then don't open your eyes, hyung. Even the slightest crack leaves space for the dream to slip away."

"I don't understand." Jinki frowns, and everything blurs.

"Hyung, don't open your eyes!" Taemin's voice calls out, faded and distorted.

But Jinki simply doesn't understand.

He wakes up in the middle of the night, sweat drenched and out of breath. The air isn't sweet anymore, and there are no cotton candy clouds or sand made of sugar.

But he feels something move against him, something soft, and warm, and he shifts his gaze to find Taemin curled up beside him.

Maybe his dream isn't over, after all.


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