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Yellow submarines and purple nail polish

JongKey/ ot5 ; g


"We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine~" Kibum sings as he happily skips around the room, throwing colorful confetti everywhere. From where he got them, no one knows. He's six, and he's spending a typical day in a daycare his mother dumps him in every morning.

Taemin, a small four year old leaning on a table by himself, is chewing on a plastic bubble wand, clapping his hands excitedly as he watches Kibum prance around. Jinki who is eight and is there everyday to help with the kids, rushes to his side and pulls out the wand from Taemin's mouth, and the four year old starts crying.

Minho, a year older than Taemin, walks over and hands the small boy a banana and walks away. Taemin immediately stops and starts chewing on it. Jinki sighs and keeps a close eye on Taemin.

"Yah, Kibum, stop making a mess! Hyung will get mad at you! Minho, if you want to play soccer, go play outside! Oh, Taemin, will you stay here for a while? No? Jonghyun can you watch him for me?" Jinki frowns and doesn't wait for an answer, darts after Minho and tries to catch the soccer ball that's aimed for a vase.

Jonghyun grumbles to himself and ignores Jinki's request to watch Taemin. He holds a yellow crayon in his stubby hand firmly and angrily swipes it across the paper, completely colouring out of the lines. Kibum plops down beside him and sneers at his picture.

"That's ugly," he says. "Look at mine." He says proudly, and places his neatly coloured yellow submarine beside Jonghyun's.

"It's abstract, okay? Mommy says abstract doesn't have to make sense."

"That's because you're stupid." Kibum rolls his eyes at him.

"Hey, Kibum! Don't say that! It's bad! Jonghyun, colour inside the lines, please. Minho! Outside, now! Taemin--Taemin, no, don't eat that--!" Jinki fumbles and stumbles, and Kibum smirks.

"Don't we have other colours besides yellow?" Jonghyun sighs dejectedly and throws the crayon across the table.

"No. Taemin ate the rest." Kibum shrugs. "Besides, what's wrong with yellow?" He frowns.

"Nothing, I guess. I'm just tired of it. I want purple."

"Oh, you mean like this?" Kibum flashes his nails, all painted neatly with purple nail polish, and Jonghyun nods.

"Wait, why do you have nail polish on? That's for girls." He scrunches his nose in distaste, and Kibum scoffs.

"But it's pretty. Come on, try it." Kibum pulls out a full bottle of purple nail polish on the table and pushes it towards Jonghyun.

"No. I'm not...what's that word? Gay." He shakes his head and grabs the yellow crayon again. He starts colouring messily once more, and Kibum reaches over to grab the crayon from him.

"What are you doing?!"

"Stop that ugliness!"

"It's abstract!"

"It's ugly!"

The two fight over the crayon, elbows resting on the table, faces inches from one another, not realizing that the bottle of half opened nail polish is in between them, and that something round is coming their way.

"Jonghyun! Kibum! Watch out!" Jinki yells, arms flailing, as the soccer ball hits their table, shakes it, and, well, next thing they know, Kibum and Jonghyun's elbows slip and their lips are pressed onto each others.

Taemin is crawling right under, and the bottle of purple nail polish is turned over and is spilling on top of the four year old's head. Taemin claps and squeals in delight, spreading the purple chemical on his face, arms, and everywhere his little hands can reach.

Minho runs around the room yelling "Goal!!!", and Jinki is frozen in spot, gaping at Kibum and Jonghyun.

The two pull away quickly, however, wiping both of their lips with the backs of their hands. Kibum's eyes widen when he sees the spilt bottle of nail polish, and starts bawling.

"Y-you! This is your fault! You spilt my nail polish, and--and--" KIbum hiccups. Jonghyun panics in his spot slightly, and the frozen Jinki isn't helping at all. "You took my first kiss!"

"No I did not! You took mine! And it's not my fault!"

Jinki snaps out of his trance and realizes that Taemin is now covered in nail polish. He yells, picks up the boy and rushes him out to find his hyung. Minho smiles and sits down contentedly on a table, grabs the other half eaten colours by Taemin and starts drawing a soccer field, as if he was in his own world, completely oblivious to the chaos going on around him.

"It's your fault!" Kibum persists, and hits Jonghyun's arm repeatedly.

Jonghyun sighs in defeat and closes his eyes. "Fine, fine, I'll replace your nail polish. Happy?"

Kibum stops abruptly and nods. "Will you find me the right and perfect shade and everything?"

"Yes, yes." Jonghyun sighs again and Kibum flings his arms around Jonghyun's neck in excitement. Jonghyun feels like cheeks flush a bit, but doesn't pay much attention to it.


On that same day, thirteen years later, Kibum sits on a park bench by himself and smiles when he sees Jonghyun running towards him.

"Hey." Jonghyun grins and greets him breathlessly.

"Hi. Whatcha got there?" Kibum peers at the canvas in Jonghyun's hand, now an aspiring artist, and the latter frowns.

"Nothing, it's ugly." Jonghyun tries to hide it, but Kibum is too fast for him. His eyes scan over the canvas, observing the piece, and he smiles.

"No, it's abstract." he says, and Jonghyun laughs.

"Oh, by the way, I got you your purple nail polish." Jonghyun smiles and pulls out a bottle of iridescent purple nail polish from his pocket. Kibum frowns.

"You idiot. It's not the same shade. It's not even from the same company." He sighs, and Jonghyun laughs.

"I'll keep looking."


lol. it's 3:30 am. didnt read this over. w/e. xD

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Tags: fandom: shinee, ot5, pairing: jongkey, rating: g
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