Dawn (forevershining) wrote,

Of awkward silences and I love yous

LJoe/C.A.P; PG


He sits in the dark recording studio room alone, and with shaky fingers, he slowly presses one dull note after the other, composing a slow, melancholic song. Where it's coming from, oh, who knows. Maybe that dark crevice that's creeping its way down the center of his heart. He closes his eyes and lets the last few notes out, rushed, and heavy, and filled with angst. He releases a heavy exhale, resting his head down the keys, blonde strands of hair strewn all over his face. 

"I'm not exactly an expert, but that was horrible."

An all familiar voice comes from the door, and LJoe doesn't even need to lift up his head to see who it is. He remains in place, eyes closed firmly, trying to regulate his breathing as soft footsteps come closer his way. They stop, right in front of him, and he feels that concerned, leaderly gaze on his back.

"What's wrong?"

I love you, that's what's wrong. 

"Nothing," The blonde finally lifts up his head, tilts his head to the side, and looks at C.A.P as if he's seeing right through him; it scares the older one a little. C.A.P shifts nervously in spot, trying to find the words to say to make the younger one feel better, but he finds none. Well, there is one, dancing dangerously at the tip of his tongue, and he's scared that it will slip out and ruin everything once he opens his mouth. So he remains silent for a moment. Or two. Or maybe it was five minutes of awkward silence between them. 

I love you,

He wants to say, but Niel breaks the uncomfortable atmosphere as he breaks into the room.

"Manager hyung says we need to go now. Come on you guys!"

C.A.P nods solemnly, and Niel gets the subtle hint to leave the two alone for a moment. (But no worries, he's going to find out about it later on anyways. He always does.) The older one takes a hesitant step forward, and LJoe feels his muscles twitch slightly, but remains in place. 

"Let's go."

C.A.P says firmly, taking Ljoe's hand in his as he drags him out of the room, into the light, and out of his pathetic state. But those words, those three little words, I love you, are left unspoken, left hanging awkwardly about them. Fear: it's really the only thing that's holding them down at the moment. 

Maybe one day...


[I'm sorry. This is one of the shortest things I've written after such a long hiatus, I think. Half assed, but it's to keep me going. I'm going to attempt writing smut after this. ^^ ♥]

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Tags: fandom: teen top, pairing: cap/l.joe, rating: pg
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