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The collectors

Teen Top; ot5


Byunghun and Chanhee are best friends, one older than the other by a few months (and some centuries). They find themselves in the middle of a field one typical spring afternoon, when the snow starts to melt and forms puddles on the ground. Byunghun, clad in short blonde locks and red galoshes, hums softly as he pushes an old shopping cart through the field. Chanhee maintains a content smile on his face as he reads a page of his book and sits inside the shopping cart. His galoshes are yellow and worn out from use, and by his feet lay small, multiple bottles of multicoloured smoke, and two piles of books with locks and codes and secrets hidden within them.  

They are the collectors; the collectors of secrets, of hopes, of wishes and of dreams. Byunghun laughs as he splashes through the puddles, and wheels the cart carefully into the forest. He stops in front of their well concealed tree house (which one may miss in the blink of an eye, or just not see it at all unless you know it's there.) and Chanhee stirs from his spot. 

"Let's go inside!" Chanhee smiles brightly as he jumps off the cart and lands right in a giant puddle. He laughs as the water splashes all over Byunghun, and the blonde reacts to the childish action by splashing Chanhee back.

"There, we're even. But let's stop before the books get wet." Byunghun grins as he picks up some books, tucks them under one arm, and proceeds to climb up the rope ladder. Chanhee nods, sticks the bottles and the few books left in his knapsack, and climbs up after. Today they made their routes on collecting dreams and secrets. Tomorrow they collect wishes. 

The tree house is much bigger on the inside than it appears outside. (With the help of magic, of course.) The secrets and wishes are collected in books, the dreams collected in clear bottles with cork stoppers. They line up shelf after shelf in the tree house, each organized through categories such as greed, envy, lust, happiness, ignorance, and many more. (Each colour coded too.) But out of all of them, Chanhee takes a particular liking for those ones of love. (The dreams glow bright red, the books binded in red leather.) He takes time after their collecting to sit down and read people's secrets about it, and to watch people's dreams of love. He sighs dreamily and sits by the window as he reads, using a stream of sunlight as his light.

Byunghun smiles lightly and shakes his head as he puts away their collection for the day. He does not believe in love; he thinks it's far too confusing, and complicated, and just one of those mediocre things in life that humans invent to make more sense out of it. (Or something like that.) In fact, it goes for everything that they collect. Byunghun finds everything pointless, but he does his job anyways because he believes that he is put in this world to do so.

Everyone else on the other hand, seem to be fully interested in everything. Their tree house is a library of some sort, where other ethereal beings come in to quench their thirst for knowledge (maybe curiosity) about what goes on in the lives of humans, in the comfort of the forest. (They never come near them, they wouldn't even dare.)

There's Daniel, or Niel as he likes to go by, the water nymph who lives in the nearby lake. He reads about people's ambitions, and goals, and sometimes love, and he likes to sing out loud (sometimes in the most ungodly hours of the night, Byunghun likes to note), and dance around naked when it rains. He has these shoulder length curls of chocolate brown that always drip wet, and large, plump lips. (Byunghun says they resemble those of a fish. Niel consequently shrieks in the blonde's ear and hits him on the arm.) 

The other is Minsoo, the resident wood sprite who lives in the Oak tree that their tree house is built on.  He's quiet, very quiet, and he seldom talks. Sometimes him and Byunghun sit together in silence to enjoy the sound of the falling rain. (Until Niel comes prancing around, which then Minsoo takes the decency to look away with a slight blush on his face.)  He's tall and built, and very reliable, just like the Oak tree. He's been around longer than Chanhee has, almost too long that he's lost track along the way. But it doesn't matter. They don't age physically. None of them do.

And then there's Changhyun. He is a cute, loud, and energetic ball of sunshine. His hair is a dark shade of maroon, and he is short, and lively with curious round eyes that dart about everywhere. He is a love fairy. He's loud, just about as loud as Niel, and he likes to sit down and cuddle with Chanhee as he begs the older one to read out loud. Despite his disbelief of love, Byunghun takes a liking to Changhyun. There's something about the younger one that Byunghun finds irresistible, maybe almost attractive, and Byunhun often wonders if it's part of the fairy's charms. (Everyone loves Changhyun, oh they all do.)

Chanhee is a few centuries younger than Minsoo, and a few older than Byunghun. He is the first (And was supposed to be the only one) collector, with Red hair peeking shyly underneath his strands of greyish, almost silver hair. Now, Byunghun's existence is weird, because Chanhee did not expect another collector, and he didn't know where he came from, or what to do with him. Nevertheless, he welcomes the blonde warmly into the tree house as his partner, and the rest is history.

Byunghun puts away the last bottle of flourescent pink, and turns around to find Minsoo reading quietly in a corner and Chanhee reading to Changhyun on the sofa. He smiles happily and hears some thunder in the distance, followed by Niel's unmistakable singing not far off from there.

"Looks like it's gonna rain." The blonde leans against the window and looks out into the forest.


Holy crap. it's 2 am. lol. This probably doesn't make sense, I swear it started out as ChunJoe, idk what it is now. I might write more, I might not. Then again, Changjo is still missing. .___.

Tags: fandom: teen top, ot5, rating: pg
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